Helping High-Impact, Mission-Driven Humans Succeed Within and Beyond Their Lifetimes

How so?

Helping High-Impact, Mission-Driven Humans Succeed Within and Beyond Their Lifetimes

How so?

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What is Myelin Grove?

We are a coaching company interested in helping high-impact, mission-driven humans become leaders that make humanity kinder, wiser, and more sustainable for 7+ generations down the line. 

To this end, we help you learn how to learn, grow, and perform at your best as a friend, leader, and steward of life itself, so you can succeed within and beyond your lifetime.

Why the Name?

There are two kinds of brain matter. Neurons and myelin.

When a neural pathway fires, your brain wraps it in a sheath of myelin, making it easier to fire the next time. When you do something repeatedly, myelin accumulates. We call this a Myelin Grove. Myelin is the bio-matter of your skills and personality traits, and it explains why habits are hard to change.

Welcome to Myelin Grove. We help you build myelin in new places.

What We Offer

Coaching For Individuals

We mostly work 1-on-1 with early stage founders, leaders, and investors, but we are interested in supporting any high-impact human who wants to make the world kinder, wiser, and more sustainable for 7+ generations down the line.

Our core offer is Integral Coaching, but we offer a range of services, including Enneagram typing. For the general structure of a coaching engagement, please read our Coaching FAQs.

Coaching For Teams

Most "team-building" doesn't work. We get why, and we help collections of individuals become true teams. Read more here

What People Say

Resource Libraries

We believe that expert curation of high-quality resources is necessary for sense-making in the modern world.

We also believe that certain fundamental competencies make you more effective across all domains of life. For example, self-reflection, self-correction, and the ability to learn itself.

To this end, we offer free, curated resource libraries for self-study in these "topics underneath all topics." Please enjoy.

Wisdom Library for Leaders and Coaches 

As coaches, development practitioners, and spiritual seekers (and sometimes finders), we are dedicated to helping ourselves and others become the leaders our species and planet needs. So, we read a lot about leadership, human development, and the like.

This bookshelf organizes ~100 (mostly) books with valuable lessons in personal development, leadership, and life as a human being.

Curated Enneagram Bookshelf

The power of the Enneagram for self-awareness, leadership development, and spiritual realization cannot be overstated. It infuses all of our life and work.

Importantly, it’s not the intellectual property of any one institution. So there’s a lot of content out there, and not all of it is accurate. It takes a trained eye to find the signal in the noise.

This small library of vetted resources will help you discover the real Enneagram, and not the fluff.

Enneagram Expressions Library 

The Enneagram is often studied through books that “explain” the types. But the types are not intellectual abstractions. They are living expressions of how people feel, think, walk, talk, and create. 

The Enneagram Expressions library aims to bring the Enneagram to life by presenting celebrities, fictional characters, books, art, movies, celebrities, poetry, music, quotes, and more by Enneagram type.

Benevolent Friends

We are human potentialists and earth-lovers at heart, and we support the work of many mission-aligned organizations. Sometimes we do this materially (donating, volunteering, collaborating), and sometimes just by spreading the word. Here are few that we especially want to highlight.


Reverent to the right things, and irreverent to everything else, the Enneagram team is producing  some of the most innovative and high-quality Enneagram content today. Advanced and provocative. Be warned ;).


Groundwork’s practical courses in composting, gardening, and more help you learn how to turn your backyard into a vibrant eco-system and live in a way that's good for the planet.

Boa Foundation

Boa Foundation helps preserve and protect indigenous land. You can donate here.


Learn directly from Indigenous Elders through Aniwa's in person events and digital offerings. You can donate here.

Enneagram Prison Project

Dedicated to "Freeing people all over the world from prisons of our own making," EPP teaches the Enneagram to people “on the inside” and “on the outside.” A huge-hearted organization doing gorgeous work to heal our society. You can donate here.